Friday, December 05, 2008

Good enough to eat?

OK, two more batches of blueberries, lighter and lighter still compared with yesterday's first batch. In addition, I've put some white pastel on the blueberries by rubbing the pastel stick on the ends of my fingers and then rolling the blueberries between my fingers.

So here we have the combined 3 batches of blueberries in 3 different shades: on the left, as they come out of the oven and on the right, after I've rolled them in some white pastel:

Also, with the last batch of blueberries (the lightest shade), I've added bits of purple to the berries to more resemble how they really are—somewhat mottled.

I'm liking the white powery look a lot, although I think my sculpting of the tops of the berries are getting sloppy (now that I've made about 70 berries). So I need to get back to more careful sculpting, but otherwise, I think they're looking pretty good.

Met with the critique group today and we made decent progress on the Cedar Crest show—have the title nailed down and Anne came up with a great idea...a food confessional! I better come up with my 'game plan' (haha!) for my board game soon.

Maternal Legends

Tonight was the opening reception for Maternal Legends at 23 Sandy. There was a great turn out; in fact, it was too crowded to be able to look at the books!


Dr. Russ said...

My favorites are the white-washed ones. Even though I was very partial to the first batch. The question is: how realistic do you want to be? If they are supposed to be representational, go with the first batch (dark ones). They are clean looking and commerical. If you are going for realism, go with the white-washed look. They are less uniform but very realistic looking. Regardless, you can't go wrong with any of them. They really look good enough to eat (BTW, you will need to add a disclaimer to your product not to eat them--for legal purposes).

Great job--russ

gl. said...

looking good! love what you've done w/ the powder coating.

i'm hoping to see that show with the book group next week...

Anonymous said...

The white cast, or bloom, on real blueberries is a sign of ripeness (and, theoretically, sweetness) in a real blueberry, just as it is on grapes and plums. It is mottled and almost transparent.


fingerstothebone said...

I'm really liking the powdery look, and if that indicates ripeness/sweetness, then I'm definitely going for that!