Sunday, December 14, 2008

The newly roomy studio-annex

With the bed here, and without the bed below. That wall on the right will not be with us much longer:

And here I've 'stacked' one of my work tables above the home-made shelf, thus creating even more surfaces for tools & toys. I've also moved the green gocco table next to the window:

The print drying racks had to be moved 18" west to accommodate the gocco table, but I had just enough room for the 3 columns of drying racks before I hit the door:


Dr. Russ said...

And artist domination continues. BTW, this is the continuation of the movement rather than working backwards since you started by taking over a closet.

In all reality, I am jealouse that (1) you have a house, and (2) you have space to build into even if you have to take down a wall and (3) you have someone that supports your artistic endeavors.

IMHO, the Good Prince was due a promotion.

Best wishes on your rennovation.

Anonymous said...
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fingerstothebone said...

OK, a promotion it is then!

Michael5000 said...

It'll be, like, thelastbutmuchbiggerbedroom!