Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the 6th straight day of snow...

These first two were from yesterday. Here's a small Katy McFadden sculpture and more birds, this time on the crabapple tree:

From today. This is a Varied Thrush, which I only see occasionally. The birds really do love those persimmons! I imagine those persimmons are pretty well frozen, but the birds just sit there for what seems like the whole afternoon and peck away at them.

It's hard to tell how much snow we've had. It's been the really fine powery stuff and it's been blowing around like crazy. Here's a spot that's pretty protected from the east wind, and it looks like about 10" all together. We're supposed to get 7" over the weekend.

I've had to cancel my interview for the 2nd time today. Now we're aiming for Monday. The JWSC isn't even open to the public on Mondays, but Jim (the dear that he is) is going to open it for me and the reporter!

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