Monday, December 15, 2008

Pack Rat Tuesday, Dec 16, 2008

Objet d'rat #5—this always makes me want to say 'ow ow ow!' Picked up both, although not in one fell swoop, during the 2007 Steens trip. Found the bird's nest in the yard of the Hotel Diamond, right after we got there, dropped off the bags, and went out to check out our new environs. Then 2 days later, found the horse chestnuts at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters. I just like how the two of them go (or don't go) together. I'm not planning to make anything with this, it is done.

But how about those Sculpey blueberries?

Hey, I finally powdered them all today. Despite my prior claims, I just have 65 blueberries, which is ok for now. I might make more later if I find that I need more. But the exciting thing to report for today is that I actually have most of the game figured out!

I have the game pieces (blueberries, utensils, cards, and one die), the board, and the rules mostly figured out. I still need to research the details (the information to go on the cards), 'prices' and 'points', then I can start painting/printing the game.

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gl. said...

i love how those chestnuts look like baby bird beaks poking out of the nest!