Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A little bit of downtime

End of project stuff

This is always a good time to go visit other artists, it's something that I don't do often when I'm busy working on my own stuff. So I visited with Carole Zoom yesterday. I hope to catch up with a couple of other artists soon, before I get busy again.

I'm still working on updating pr and marketing my resume.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention—the December 9 The Asian Reporter (scroll to the last page) has a story on the Relay/Replay show at the library. It's a very nice write-up. The electronic version has color photos (the paper copy has b&w photos).

In the It Never Hurts to Ask Department

I noticed on my (very cluttered) table this morning that there was this coupon from Art Media sitting there. And it said "10% off any item, including already discounted items." Or something similar.

That's a good deal. Only it expired on Dec 7, this last Sunday. Wah!

After much consideration (during which I briefly considered lying..."you know, this didn't arrive in the mail until today"), I finally called the customer service department and told them the truth—that I discovered the coupon on my table today and could I POSSIBLY still use it? And they said yes. (They did give me the evil laugh first, though.) Turns out, they didn't send out the coupon until the end of the week last week.

So I went in and bought the Iwata Complete Airbrush Kit, normally $577, on sale for $359. and another 10% off that made it even better. So anyhow, now really I'm committed.


Sundry said...

Good for you! I found out that Bed Bath & Beyond coupons don't really expire when they say they do. (Though that may change, now that they've killed Linens N Things.)

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, I'm surprised how easily places took expired coupons. The Backyard Birdshop, a local chain, never cared when the coupon expired, but that's been changing in the last year or so. So can't count on it anymore.