Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Whirlwind Wednesday

Well, it's really Tuesday (still), and the whirlwind occurred Sunday-Tuesday, but I thought Whirlwind Wednesday sounded good. Besides, I seemed to have missed Packrat Tuesday this week, so I guess this is the replacement.

So, Sunday...

I installed the books and the folding screens at RSM, among the regular Sunday chores and prepping for Monday. Here's one of the screens:

Then, Monday...

In the morning, installed the little neighborhood coffee house show. It's me and 2 other artists right on my block:

And in the afternoon, installed Intersect/Parallel (the show of 5 engineers-artists) at the G&V Walters Cultural Arts Center:

And, Tuesday...

Finished up loose ends at RSM (labels), coffee shop (inventory list, and returning the nails which I took off their walls, stuck in my pocket, and walked off with them). And the opening reception for Intersect/Parallel in the evening:

At this show, I encountered something I had never encountered before. And in case Bob H. is reading this—don't worry, your "Please Do Not Touch" signs did the trick; I was watching like a hawk and nobody touched your books.

However, my "Please Handle With Care" signs did not seem to do anything at all.

Usually, people are so reverent about looking at art that I really have to encourage them to touch the work if I want them to handle and interact with them. So anyhow, I had these "Handle With Care" signs on the pillow books, but most people were paying them no never mind. The 2 ladies in the photo were very careful, I should say. But many would walk up, and without reading the signs or anything, the first thing they do is to put their hands flat down in the middle of the pillow books and give them a few pushes! Then they come around to the sides and give the books a squeeze or two!

One guy picked up one of the small pillow books and started squeezing it like it was a tennis ball!

Oh. My. God.

I guess you could say that those books are very tactile and inviting.

I asked the gallery director for new "Please Do Not Touch" signs.

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gl. said...

wow! you're really busy! last year it was like this, too: you had to be at city hall and the chinese garden at the same time. but yeah, i could totally see how those pillows would be irresitable.