Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm dreaming in blueberries!

It felt like I was half awake all night last night thinking/dreaming about blueberries and my game, but I woke up feeling pretty refreshed so it couldn't have been too bad.

I dreamed of 3 dresses made of feathers of 3 different colors, and they bore blueberries, each berry dangling down from the tips of the feathers. Isn't that just a fabulous image?! I should paint that.

I was visiting a gallery and there was Jeremy, working at the gallery. He showed me the feather dresses and then picked the blueberries and served them to everyone at the gallery. Then he brought over a nice bowl of sauce to go with the berries, but we had already eaten all the berries.

But anyhow—the best part about this dream (or maybe a series of dreams) was that I came up with solutions to a couple of problems I'd been having with the design of the 'blueberry game' (for lack of a real name yet). And when I woke up, the solutions actually still made sense!

Considering that I wasn't working on the game at all yesterday (or maybe that's why?), I made excellent progress on the piece!

Anyhow, the idea behind this game—this is part of a 4-person collaboration with each person doing a 'place setting' as part of a dinner for four. Each person/place setting addresses some issue(s) about food. My piece is about trendy foods, how people embrace the must-have foods of the moment, hoping that they'll cure our ills. From the simple blueberries and broccoli that people can grow in their backyards here; to bananas/coffee/chocolate/soy, the cultivation of which is partially responsible for deforestation in the Amazons; to the trafficking of exotic animals parts, many are endangered and the harvesting methods cruel. Each is a step or two away from the next, maybe we all just get sucked in slowly and unknowingly, just thinking that "it's so good for us."

Anyhow, I have the game pieces, the board, and the rules mostly down. The blueberries (the chips) are made. Next—make the utensils (a knife, a fork, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks) that represent each player.

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