Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Found some extra time

Hey, after bemoaning that I wasn't going to have a relaxed couple of weeks as I had previously thought, I got some extra time today. Looks like my class with Jobs Corps won't happen until March 13, so that gives me an extra week, and my volunteer gig at the library was cancelled today because Jim is on vacation.

I caught up on some errands that I was late on, and I sent out more books to Vamp & Tramp. They've been doing a GREAT job selling my books. They've sold 19 of my books since the start of the year. And this box I sent today was my 4th box to them in about 2 months. The Good Prince says "if I ever decide to make a book, for sure I'm going to send it straight to them...I'm not going to be shy and wait years before I contact them."

Had a couple of hours to catch up on some Portland Open Studios email and my secretarial duties too.

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gl. said...

whew! congrats on finishing the game, your awesome v&t sales, and your brief break. you're doing great!