Monday, February 23, 2009

No down time

After finally getting the last bits done for the Cedar Crest show (including the CD and a script for Anne), I figured I could take it easy for a couple of weeks. I have 3 websites to update and also the piece I'm exchanging with Artist X, so I figured no problem.

Then today was my trip out the Troutdale to meet with the staff at the Jobs Corps training center. They were interested in having me come out and do a workshop with the students who are training to be aids for the elderly. Today was to meet the students & staff and do a presentation. Then I figured I would come back within a couple of months to do a workshop.

Turned out, the way the students rotate through the school, if I want to work with the same group of students I met today, I'd need to do the workshop within two weeks! Yikes! Since they have some pretty specific needs, I would need a couple of days to work up several different models that would meet their requirements, write up the notes, and get the paper supplies.

So all of a sudden, my next two weeks don't look so relaxed after all.

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