Saturday, February 28, 2009

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

Oooh, aren't they pretty? And they're just test blocks. The one on the right is on paper and unmounted; the other two are mounted on boards:

So horizontal rows, from top to bottom:

Spectrum Red
Ultramarine Deep
Cadmium Orange
Windsor Green
Raw Umber
Madder Carmine

Then I layered colors in the vertical columns, from left to right:

No layering
Permanent White, Zinc White
Primary Yellow, Lemon Yellow
Golden Yellow, Windsor Emerald
Ivory Black, Lamp Black

Then I took an angle brush and blended the bottom halves of each rectangle of layered colors.

So the next step is to airbrush one of the mounted ones with a Liquitex medium, and the other a GAC500. Then we'll see how they look compared to each other, and compared to the unmounted and un-airbrushed one on paper. That probably won't happen for another few days, the airbrushing. If even then. More likely to be another couple of weeks before I do that.

In the mean time, I've already mounted 2 other boards, just to play around with. And I've been doing more than updating websites for Portland Open Studios (now we're partners with Powell's Books & Amazon!) and Katy McFadden, although it will be another day or so before I'm finished with that. And I finally sent in my application for the GBW's Marking Time exhibit, due March 1. But of course I waited until almost the last moment.

And yesterday, Patricia, who's buying art for Pacific University, came by for a studio visit, and left with 6 prints!


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