Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm gonna make it!

This is the part that absolutely had to be done today, and I got it done. These are the faces of the cards to go with Superfoodland!, and because they're being printed over acrylic, it will take them days to dry. The backs of the cards and the 'fortune chips' (still haven't come up with a better name) can be printed after I get back from Seattle, that's not a problem.

I'm printing 4 of each card. Here one of the Shark's Fin cards is being lined up under the transparency. I'm using a screen that had been partially used for Marion, one of the Relay Replay books from last year:

All 15 cards (4 copies each) lined up on the drying boards:

Details of some of the cards:

And although I am getting this done just in time (finished at 10:45pm tonight), I haven't been avoiding it, not exactly. I've just had a bunch of other things that needed to get done too, and this actually required a lot of research time; and I did know I had until today to do this. Looking back at my timesheet, I've been clocking in at 45 hours a week since Jan 1 this year. Not too shabby!

OK, now I better go pack up my books for my Seattle trip tomorrow. Since they're one big reason why I'm going, wouldn't want to forget those.

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