Monday, February 16, 2009

Remember the whole reason why I bought the airbrush, way back when?

So that was part 1, and here we now have parts 2, 3a, and 3b:

And all that is still required is me doing the actual work of putting together the test strips and airbrushing them.

And of course, in my typical style, I have put the cart before the horse, having already (almost) completed my "Prosperity Soup" piece that I'm trading with Artist X, and just trusting/assuming that I'll find a workable solution to mount my gouache pieces on board without glass.

So the airbrush and the items you see here are all part of the experiment that is yet to come. I have 3 sheets of paper, 2 mounted on board (1 using pva and another using gel medium). I will paint them up with test squares of different colors and layer combinations. I will leave the unmounted as is, airbrush 1 mounted piece with the GAC 500+airbrush extender, and airbrush the 2nd mounted piece with the Liquitex Gloss Medium.

Turns out, no local art supplies stores carried GAC 500 (I wonder why), so I had to order it. And now I have all the pieces to the puzzle, I just need to finish 3 website updates, complete the gocco printing part of Superfoodland!, and work on my response to Artist X's piece...I'm figuring the first week of March I'll be able to try my new airbrush!

And speaking of Superfoodland!

I should've been finished with printing the text part already, and here I am, having just finished the research. Which means I still have to put together the actual text that will go on the cards and then print them. I wonder how much I'll get done tomorrow? Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm heading up to Seattle with my art cohorts to visit the library, some galleries, a book dealer, and some museums, so no printing then. And Anne's supposed to take them with her when she leaves to install the show on...the 21st, I think? Ack!

Website updates

Portland Open Studios homepage has the new 2009 application information up. I still have more changes to make (Powell's partner program link, Amazon partner program link), and I'm having a hard time deciding how to go about cramming all those things in on the front page.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty common deadline syndrome--the closer you get to deadline, the less you want to work on the job. Some people clean house, some goof off, some whine, anyway, do whatever else except for the thing to be done. However, since we are related, I'm pretty sure that you'll get it all done before deadline, no matter how unlikely or risky it may seem. BTW, I really like the game board. It looked a bit like Islamic tile.


fingerstothebone said...

Hey, you're right, I hadn't thought about the tile aspect.