Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Studio remodel, phase I complete!

In the morning, after the rug was removed:

In the evening, after the floor went in:

Several people have been surprised that I chose such a dark color. Well, most light color laminate or wood floors tend to be yellowy, and I'm just not that crazy about a yellow floor. Another corner of the room:

There were a few unexpected hiccups—many of the Pergo boards had slight defects in them! Ugh. I'm not happy about that. So there are 3 boxes of the boards that have been set aside. I'll have to see if I can exchange them. But there's no guarantee that, even if there are more boxes available for me to exchange, they won't have similar defects. Ugh again. I guess I can at least console myself that I did not pay a whole lot for them.

While the floor was being installed, I worked on the painting that I'll be trading with Artist X on Thursday. It's not going so well, and that's all I have to say about it.

Helen came over after dinner and we worked on the banner for the Food Confessional, this is for the Cedar Crest show. At least that's going pretty well. I'll need to get back to the game board really soon now.


margaret said...

Beautiful floor! I'm sorry to hear about the defects. If it's any consolation, I keep seeing defects in my bamboo boards here, but I've started to just accept them as beauty marks.

fingerstothebone said...

Oh wow, you've got defects too! Hmm, it is good to know that it's not me. And beauty marks, I like that.

Dr. Russ said...

I like your new floor. I am a fan of the darker floor because they allow you more options for contrast when decorating. Sorry to hear about the beauty marks though.

gl. said...

yes, the floor is lovely, if unexpectedly dark. sven agonized over his wooden floor choice for a long time; he also didn't want anything too yellow. still, i hope you get your money back for the damaged boards!

fingerstothebone said...

So what did Sven finally go for? The boards weren't damaged, they just had little dark marks on them that reflected the light differently. So yeah, more like beauty marks than damages. Lowe's called the very next day to see if the job was done and if I was happy, so I reported it; and naturally, they didn't have any more boxes to exchange with me. They did say they would check to see if they could scare up some, but I'm not holding out hope.