Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goofing off

After I finally got my boxes off to UPS yesterday afternoon, I took the rest of the day off, and then proceeded to do not much today too. Met with some friends for lunch, which was fun, and then spent a considerable amount of time at the Goodwill. I actually had things that I was looking for—some dinner dishes and bowls, cause I'm gonna have more visitors this summer; and a large purse with a long strap that I could wear across my shoulder. The big black purse Sundry sent me has gone to Taiwan with my sister, and I've been using the one she left behind instead. It's actually not a bad purse, but the strap is just a wee bit short and I find it difficult to get it on and off across my shoulder. And it's short enough that I have a hard time unzipping it when I'm wearing it. And with gloves on, it's even more frustrating.

Anyhow, I found 3 dinner plates to add to my stash; I'll probably get a couple more before my visitors come this summer. Unfortunately, I didn't find just quite the right bag.

But I tell you, goofing off just isn't what it used to be—the whole time I was thinking, I really should be working on my text for the game.

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Dr. Russ said...

I hope that you ate some ice cream that would have made it a an even better day.

Good for you to play hookie (sp?) from work. We need mental health days like that.