Friday, October 20, 2006

Belated realizations

I just figured out that yesterday was a real 'rats' kind of a day. Not only did I buy the Robert Nelson drawing of the rats, the Brad Adkins exhibit had a neon sign that said 'Rats' (for $3000! I wonder how much it would cost to go down to the neon sign maker and have one made?). The 2 people that I talked to on my gallery walk also happened to mention that they were 34 years old, which would most likely make them rats as well.

Which brings me to the 2nd realization -- that how important it is to get out there and make the gallery rounds. In the past few years I've just not been very good about that, but...I appreciated the Brad Adkins exhibit a lot more after I talked to the gallery assistant (the 34 year old rat), and also, I got invited to participate in an exhibit in Jan/2007 (by the other 34 year old). I think it's a case of 'see artist, invite artist to exhibit' syndrome. It's not the first time that's happened -- you walk in and they say, oh hey, how would you like to send me a CD/bring me some work for a show in x month?

Well, I'm still taking it easy. I got the car back from the shop today, so despite that it's Friday, the worst day for running errands, I ran some errands. The pent up demand you know. Spent a little time cleaning up the studio. I should've looked at Alice's CD for the web site update, but didn't manage to get there. And we're off to see the Science of Sleep now.

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