Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last day of 'vacation'

I'm seriously getting back to work tomorrow; no, really! But today, I had a relaxing day of visiting a few of the east side open studio artists. There weren't that many I wanted to see, but I did want to see Andrea Benson and Briana Linden; both of them work in encaustics. Ran into Abigail at Briana's and chatted for a little bit, and that was very nice. Briana's husband Troy is an artist/illustrator, and they share the garage studio, and I spotted a bat t-shirt! So he custom made one for me while I visited Dawn Phelps McConnell's studio. Here's the shirt. I know it's lame putting up someone else's design work here...but it's a very nice bat.

Lets see, what else...saw David Kerr's studio and garden, saw a lampwork bead maker. I guess that was it. David's garden was amazing. There were a couple of other artists that I wanted to visit, but I ran out of time. Had to get home in time to make it to dinner and West Side Story at the new Armory.

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