Sunday, October 29, 2006

Finished book

The finished book! It's hard to see in the photo, but the exposed binding is very pretty, forming a 'butterfly' (or figure 8) at the top and bottom of the spine. The leather is kangaroo leather, the white stripes vellum (animal vellum), and the square and round punchouts show the underlay marbled paper. The clasp strap is also of kangaroo leather. The leather is pretty easily marred; when I was just now holding it, I scratched up the surface a bit with some chapped skin on my thumb. I will finish the surface of the leather by buffing with wheat paste, but not tonight. That's supposed to help protecting the surface.

It's a nice size book, just right for holding in one's hands. It's about the right size and shape as a light switch plate though, maybe a little bigger. I keep thinking about maybe using light switch plates to make book covers; the cut outs can be used to display a recessed image or title, even.

The class was pretty good, Bonnie's instructions were clear and we had enough time to finish every step of the way. Actually, I would've liked the opportunity to purchase a 2nd set of materials; I think I had enough time to make a 2nd book. Especially today, when I packed a lunch instead of going out. I had lots of free time, and we finished the day maybe an hour early too.

Of all the sewn structures I've learned, I like this the best.

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