Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's a tough town

Visited another artist today. Pamela moved up here from LA last year and is trying to establish herself. She's an amazing artist, doing allegorical, figurative paintings. Apparently right after she moved up here, she sent out her slides to some of the major galleries in town and was turned down by them all; she was picked up by a new gallery, but the relationship seems a bit tenuous. After hearing her tales, I'm a little discouraged. She has a beautful space to work in -- spacious, bright, and has a view of her garden.

Got home from visiting Pamela in time to have lunch and work on the javascript a little before heading into town for my library volunteer duties. Then it was dinner with Ray and Bonnie and off to see the Silk Road Odyssey film, which turned out to be quite disapppointing. A not very well done travelogue.

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