Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gallery walk

Since the car's still in the shop, I had to take the bus to Citizen's to pick up slides. That being a fairly long commute, I decided to make a day of it in town and went on my gallery walk. Ended up buying a Robert Nelson drawing, one that I was looking at earlier in the year and thought for sure it would sell during his show in September. But for some reason, it didn't sell, although the show was a big success and he sold a lot of work. Anyhow, since it was still there, and it being a drawing of a big rat lifting weight, I now have even more reasons to claim it. And so I did. (See here. It's the giant muscular rat lifting weight.) I probably shouldn't have, since the car is going to cost $1600 to repair. Spent a good 5 hours walking around in the Pearl today.

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