Thursday, February 08, 2007


Starting from this page on, the words and their shadows are physically closer together but the words themselves diverge, but expressing sentiments along parallel trajectories. So here's Allure/Desire and Acquire/Acquiesce.

Here are the 3 screens used so far. I love how the used screens look. I've photographed some screens in the past as I cleaned them. I put them on the lightbox and photograph them at different stages of being cleaned. Especially if I use vegetable oil for cleaning, they look so beautiful on the lightbox.

There're more photos on the goccoing on page of my web site.

The Chinese cooking class took up almost 5 hours this evening. This was Mike's idea -- signing up for a whole bunch of classes. Tonight was Chinese appetizers, next week will be Chinese stirfry. The week after is rice and noodles (although I'm not taking this one). We also start tennis lessons next week, for 4 weeks, then we have taichi! And this Sunday, we're going on a field trip -- snow-shoeing!

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