Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rigid board binding, day 2

It's hard to make out the books among the junk on the table, but there are 5 different models here, all using a variety of rigid materials as pages or covers (metal, wood, foam sheets, etc). I can't remember the names of them all, and I probably didn't even remember to write them down, but roughly from L to R clockwise -- modified Byzantine binding, Mongolian structure (a Hedi Kyle invention and we were told most likely had nothing to do with Mongolia), a 'tab & rod' binding (not the official name), a something or other binding, and an exposed hinge. Of these, I liked the Mongolian structure the best. The 2nd biggest discovery of the class was dyed tyvek. The blue paper on the Mongolian and the orange paper on the 'something or other' are both tyvek dyed with acrylic. They both have this beautiful marbly texture that just comes naturally with the material. Everyone in the class was just in love with their own little sheets of tyvek.

No work in the studio today, but I wasn't expecting to, between the all day class, the play in the evening (Act A Lady, very enjoyable), and also Eliza came back from her conference and is here tonight.

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