Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sexy, Sexy

Bad news first -- I just got the news today that I got rejected from the All Day Snacking show. They sent out the list of the 31 accepted artists to everyone (I assume), with everyone's email addresses on the To: line, so we can all see who got rejected! Sigh. There were 150 submissions (not sure how many artists, as I'm sure some submitted multiple pieces). The good news is that I recognize several on the accepted list and really like their work, so it should be a good show.

Little by little, progress is being made on Calypso. This was the page I was laying out when Mike walked up and saw it. He's been calling this 'the sexy sexy book' ever since. Not a bad nickname for the book.

This is one of the (probably) 7 screens that will be necessary to complete this project. I cram stuff together pretty tightly.

This page will have another layer on top before it's finished. Tomorrow. I'm getting pretty good at retouching flaws on these prints. The fake Estee Lauder logo at the top was missing some bits which I had to manually fill in, same with the circles, and most of them came out ok. A couple were smudged, mostly because I was resting my hand at the wrong place.

Here's the sequence from the top. Each sheet of paper represents 3 pages in the completed book.

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