Friday, February 09, 2007

The hairball

When the critique group last met, I picked up 'the hairball' as my part of the round robin that was already in progress. I knew within a week or so exactly what I wanted to do with it, but then I completely forgot to actually do it! While I was washing up, I suddenly realized that we were meeting tonight, and it was time for show and tell. So the afternoon was spent working on the hairball.

The piece was very soft and fuzzy, very tactile -- the original knitted ball was stuffed with something very soft (Anne did that), in addition to the soft yarn; Diane then added the hairs to the surface of the ball, which gave it even more of a soft, fuzzy glow. So I wanted to add a contrast. Here's the result:

I had the rose thorns left from another project, and the red silk. I made little roundels of the red silk and attached the thorns to them, and sewed the roundels on the surface. I really quite like the result. I'm thinking that I'd make up more of the little roundels, although I don't have a particular project in mind.

The meeting tonight was fruitful -- got good feedback on the shadow book, especially about the texts that I have yet to finish. We talked about the collaborative project some more (the current round robin is the warm up session) and decided to meet at Helen's next month to work in her paper studio and see where it leads us. I recorded the evening's meeting on the ipod as part of the documentation process.


Sundry said...

This made me grin.

I think it looks like something granmothers knit on other planets! A baby toy with a lesson integrated in the design, maybe.

fingerstothebone said...

I'll have to pass your comment on to my critique group!