Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last minute change of plans

Printed the colophon, and finally had the opportunity to try goccoing with the gel medium. I added some retardant to it, slopped it on the screen and printed a few pages. It looked fine printed, but when I pressed paper to plexi (the gel medium is the glue that will hold the 2 together), the words all smeared and became illegible. So onto Plan B.

I ended up printing the text that would've been in the gel medium on the opening page. I have yet to decide what I will print in the gel medium. I think something large and loose will work fine; it was just that the fine text did not work so well.

Btw, even though my little experiment only took about 20 minutes from start to finish (including cleaning up) and I had the window open, I think the retardant really irritated my nose. I'll be sure to put on my chemical mask when I go to print for real.

Spent a little time setting up the blog for Portland Open Studios. There will eventually be information about selected artists, events, and such.

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