Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PAN show installation, day 2

Boy oh boy, we're still not done!

It occurred to me last night that Karen's Time Offering should be hung vertically, as all the photos I've seen show the pages opened vertically. (I did confirm this this morning by checking her web site.) And plus I think the show needs a vertical element. I prepared some hanging clips, but when I went to hang Karen's piece, I discovered that she had built a little wire loop into the first page. So that worked out well. Made a little support system for Sarah's book and prepared the mylar and headed into the gallery. Everything went well, except that I ran out of mylar on the very last book, wouldn't you know.

Diane's tablets needed some fixing, as the putty wasn't holding the larger pieces flush to the wall. Hopefully the mounting squares will do the trick. We'll see what happens if the weather warms up a bit and that space gets hot.

I have to say the gallery looks great. Again, lots and lots of people stopping to look at Diane's piece in the window. Yay!

So tomorrow, I wrap up the last few bits of unfinished stuff, and then it's Preview time at 5pm. Again, no work in the studio.

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