Monday, February 26, 2007

PAN show installation

It took all day today, and we're not done. The shelves got mounted (the carpenter got sick, but luckily Barbara was able to nab someone from Waterstone next door, they're installing their show too). I had to sand the edges of some of the shelves, as they had paint drips on them. I asked for a particle mask, Barbara looked at me and said, 'hmmm...well, I think we have some coffee filters you can tape around your nose...'

Diane's tablets got mounted, Inge came in and hung hers. Most of the books are laid out more or less where we want them. I still need to make a support for Sarah's book, and cut some mylar strips. Then we're back at it tomorrow. It was a pretty long day.

This evening was the Music From China concert. A fun event.

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