Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rigid board binding, day 1

1st of the 2 day class on rigid board binding taught by Alicia Bailey. Fairly relaxed paced, but we still did 3 structures. The big discovery for the day -- dyeing tyvek with acrylic! Terrific effects. All the books felt substantial in the hand, very nice. There will be 2 more structures tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get around to taking a picture of all 5.

Then it was the opera in the evening (Norma), a great group of singers, although I thought the mezzo was better than the lead (the soprano who sang Norma). No work on Calypso today. Robyn wrote to say she's been further delayed and was going to pull out of the exchange, so I had to fess up and say that I'm late too.

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gl. said...

eee! i'm so excited to see you have a blog! i'm currently wrestlilng with the letterpress, but in the meantime i'll continue to be inspired by your gocco. :)