Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama:75,000; me: 9

After spending days with my nose in the computer working on the Portland Open Studios web site, I got a break from that this weekend and taught the beginning gocco class at Rake Art today. But of course, it's a whole day to get ready — cleaning all the gocco's, making sure everyone is in working order; cut & trim all the paper; making sure there's a good selection of inks; print all the notes; pack, etc, etc. So it did take the whole weekend.

As it turns out, there was an Obama rally here in town at the same time! I was picturing there being no parking space available in all of Portland, but it wasn't bad at all. I was sorry to have missed the talk, and I thought I might lose a couple of students to Obama, but nope, everyone came. And they came early! This was the first time that a class actually got started early because everyone was already there.

The Good Prince just now reported that while I drew 9 people to my class, Obama drew 75,000; and if it wasn't for the class, Obama would've had 75,009! Well, at least I held my own.


Michael5000 said...

Now Obama/Fingers 2008, THERE's a dream ticket!

(You like attending state funerals, right?)

fingerstothebone said...

Hey, that would be Fingers/Obama!