Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More MiT book printing, and a studio visit

Hey, today was an exciting day. William Park is participating in Portland Open Studios this year, and he's also showing this month at Mark Woolley's, so I went to interview him for the Portland Open Studios blog. I love the show and have been somewhat intimidated about interviewing him (I'm always intimidated by artists whose work I really like). But he was super easy to talk to and had lots to say. I have about 2 hours of recording to go back and listen to. There were a few things that really jumped out at me as we were talking, so there will be plenty of things to focus on.

In the afternoon, I printed the 2nd envelope for my Rock Star senior's book.

I really wasn't sure at first how I liked this, but seeing it now, I rather like the old fashioned look it has. And she loves pink. The whole time I've known her, she's had her nails painted bright pink (more like a magenta though, not a pale pink).

The sheets from yesterday are not 100% dry yet (it's been humid and rainy here) but I folded 1 envelope just so that I can see it. And I'm almost regretting that the way the sheet has to fold, you can't see the inside part, which is fully printed. I thought about leaving it open so it's visible, but in the end, I think it will be sturdier if glued shut.

I figured out a solution to a small little problem that's been nagging me about this book — how to include an introduction page and the colophon page. I want all the pages to resemble envelopes, but I didn't want those pages to be like the rest of the prints which will free float inside the envelopes. These pages must be the first and last pages and shouldn't end up in the wrong envelopes. So now I have a solution. Great! And it uses the extra paper that I had to buy for the spine. Double Great!

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