Friday, May 23, 2008

MiT book, folded envelopes

So here are the first 2 sets of 'envelopes' folded up. I just want them to resemble envelopes, but without the cumbersome flaps, and here they are. The stacks on the left is what they will look like as pages in the book; both sides will look the same so there are really 2 'envelopes' per page. On the right, is a page opened up — the inside of the page is printed as well. This will be sewn down the middle to the accordion spine, and then the 2 sides glued together, attached at the unprinted flap.

The rest of the day was a whole lot of Portland Open Studios business. There was a movie this week, although not random. We saw The Flight of the Red Balloon last Sunday, the Hou Hsiao-Hsien movie. It was excruciatingly slow. I don't mean the plot was slow, which it was (what little there was), but that doesn't bother me. But I mean everyone (except Juliet Binoche) moved very slowly. One scene a woman was learning how to make pancakes; she worked so slowly, Oh, My, God. I could've had the pancakes made in the time she cracked 3 eggs! I kept on thinking, just give me those eggs. And it wasn't like she was moving with such beauty and grace either. But I'm sure I completely missed the point, not having seen The Red Balloon. Or maybe I was just grumpy, but I shouldn't have been...I just ate the season's first strawberry swedish cream at Old Wives' Tales right before the movie!


gl. said...

pretty pretty!

margaret said...

That's funny. We stopped by the Holywood the other day, and considered seeing "The Flight of the Red Balloon." We weren't really prepared to see a movie, though (having Roy in tow), and the ticket seller did kinda roll his eyes and say "a little slow," and so now we know for sure. Thanks for saving us the 2 hours!

The "envelopes" are beautiful. And thanks for your POS research on volunteer hours. We'll see how many of the 8 I use up on proofing the tour guide, which I'm meant to do this week.