Thursday, May 22, 2008

MiT, 1st senior, day 16, 4th senior day 1

Phew, what a long day. Met with my 4th senior at 10am. And contrary to what I feared when I met her first time, she seemed much more enthusiastic today, and made 3 prints. I think she's just not a very effusive a person, and has a pretty dry sense of humor. Turns out, she's really into mahjong (the Jewish lady's version). And more good news, her son-in-law showed up to visit while we were working, so her family seems to be pretty involved with her. I've invited him and his wife (the daughter of senior #4) to come for our next session.

She continues to say, '7 copies? What will I do with them all?' Referring to the number of the books she'll get. And today, the son-in-law said, "well, we want a copy!" So those are all great things.

Met with senior #1 in the afternoon for our weekly watercolor sessions; she decided to go back to a piece that we thought was finished a couple of weeks ago and add more pink to the sky.

I ran into the assistant director and we talked about my senior #1. Apparently, they (the assisted living facility) have been trying to fix up my senior #1 with a buddy for about a year, but she's not been interested in anyone. Anyhow, I think we might've found someone for her — she really admires one of the watercolors hanging in the arts & crafts room. She talks about it often, and says that she walks down every day to look at it. Well, today, while we were working, another resident came in to see what we were doing, and mentioned that she painted that watercolor! So I bet senior #1 would be interested in friendship with her.

Rounding out the rest of the day — critique group meeting, and returning the finished cameos to Marie Watt. Got home at 11pm, tired, hungry, and slightly disoriented from trying to get from Alameda to Milwaukee. I just about decided that it could not be done.

The sad story of the night — saw a young opossum in the middle of the road, just been hit by a car. It was still on its feet but the head was gashed open and bleeding. I almost stopped, but decided I was way past my hunger threshold, and I didn't have anything to catch it with. I guess all I can hope is that it died quickly after that.

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gl. said...

oh, gosh. all that good and then the opossum. sven really takes that sort of thing hard. we've scraped up bunnies off 136th: better to feed the birds than get squashed by cars. we keep a piece of cardboard in the trunk for just such occasions.