Monday, May 19, 2008

MiT book: flowers and ferns

Finally! After weeks of delay and interruptions, I started on the envelope designs for my Rock Star senior's book. Following her lead in her image choices, I started out with some florals. Here are two from today. Took half the day to create these, and I didn't have time to image the screens or print them.

A path lined with fronds:

And a meadow of flowers:

Each sheet of nepal light will need to be printed 5 times (paper measures 17"x10", the images measure 8.5"x5" which will fit comfortably the larger gocco screens) — 4 times on one side and once on the reverse side. Then a 2nd, smaller sheet of nepal light will be printed; after folding the larger sheet down to an envelope, the smaller sheet will be attached to the envelope as a liner. So all the visible surfaces (plus some not visible ones) will be printed.

Right now, I'm thinking each envelope will be different. But I need to come up with 9 of these, so we'll see if I do all different.

After some experimentation, I'm staying with the accordion fold with the piano hinge, but rather than glued, the envelopes will be sewn into the valleys of the accordion.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is another full day of volunteer activities so looks like Wed afternoon is the earliest that I'll be able print.

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