Saturday, May 31, 2008

MiT book, music

My senior #2 loves music. She played the violin (as a child, maybe), but not for a long time now. She mentioned quite often that she wanted to play the violin again, or maybe get a keyboard for her apartment. One of the image she printed was a drawing of a violin that she had made for this project. So I thought it would be appropriate to have a 'music' page.

I also started to introduce some text on this page — vivace (lively), dolce (sweet), and animato (animated), all musical expression terms but I also mean for the terms to describe her.

I'm still undecided if the envelope pages will all be some sort of a pattern, or if a few of them will have words (as in lines of words, not just part of the pattern like this one). So my plan is to just keep printing patterns until I decide other wise, or until I'm finished. If you can call that a plan.

Yesterday was a long day of helping friends and volunteering. My friend Helen Hiebert is having a show at Reed later this summer (yay!), so I went over to give her a sounding board on some different ideas. After that, it was onto Print Arts to hang the Monothon show (lasts just this weekend). By the time the day was done, I was pretty much done for too. All I could manage was a movie, a non-random one — OSS 117, a spy spoof. It was pretty good, except that's pretty much how I imagine our current so called president and his henchmen are. And that's not so funny.

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Michael5000 said...

Oooh, the music page is looking great...