Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Life is easier with Photoshop

First, a couple of garden photos. I couldn't do anything with these until I had Photoshop up and running again. See what I mean about life and Photoshop?

This is the view as I get out of my car. Shot at the height as I'm sitting but trying to get up enough oomph to eject myself out of my seat. From front to back: barberry, tulips, spirea, pieris. I love the combinations of reds, oranges, and pinks here.

This is a very fragrant viburnum (yet another one) that blooms April-May, pretty much picks up when the other fragrant viburnum finishes.

OK, I've got my Photoshop CS3 trial version up and running, and life is definitely easier, or at least work is progressing. Made a lot of progress on the Portland Open Studios web site today.

I got to look at one of Mare Blocker's earlier books that used the piano hinge binding. I went into the library for my volunteer gig yesterday, but Jim didn't need me. But since I was there, and I've been meaning to look at some examples, that was a good time to do it. Turns out, it was the only example of the piano hinge binding there. But anyhow, got some different ideas for how the hinges and the cover boards can come together. Mocked up some samples when I got home. I was originally thinking I'd use Rives Lightweight for the accordion part, but now think maybe a slightly thicker (but not as thick as the BFK) and more textured paper would be better. So I'm still looking.

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