Thursday, May 01, 2008

MiT, 3rd senior, day 2, 1st senior, day 13

OK, I have a nickname for my 3rd senior — my Magical Senior. We made a 2 screen print today. She paired 2 images that I wouldn't have paired together myself; chose the colors she wanted (and was pretty firm on that, even though I wasn't so sure), and worked on varying the printing pressure until she got what she had in mind. And it is a fabulous print. She called it dreamy, but I call it magical.

The last time we printed, we pulled a few extra prints to give to some of the folks at RSM, people that work there that I've met and interacted with. Today, there were people asking us for prints!

The afternoon was spent with senior #1, and she's getting more confident. This new image is starting to differ from the others that she has worked on. She's adding flowers (something she had pooh-poohed before), and she's more willing to just put some paint down and go with it, rather than going back and forth and being indecisive. I think I need to work with her more, even though we've met so many times already, I feel that she's just now coming into her own. For example, I think today was the first time since we started the watercolor sessions where she did NOT point to the watercolor hanging on the wall and say she wanted to do something like THAT.

I'm still experimenting with paper choices and folding options for the book for my 2nd senior. Checked some prices, and am hoping to be able to purchase wholesale, since I'll be buying so much of it.

I didn't quite make it to the museum yesterday, as I had promised senior #1 that I would. But she had forgotten all about it, the topic never came up today.

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