Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MiT, 6th senior day 1

I think my 6th senior is a little further down the road in memory loss than I had previous thought, but none the less, she made a beautiful abstract print today. We started from one of her collages made from Dove chocolate wrappers, pill blister packs, barcodes from merchandize...an assortment of discards. But she has a great color sense, and in the print, all those things had these lovely textures that came through. Even though we've only worked together once, I'm already picturing her book as an accordion of her prints, matted and mounted, so that they can be displayed.

Gave my Rock Star senior the first copy of her book today, and I think she really liked it. (No, she didn't cry, as someone asked me today!) I hope to have the other 6 copies finished by Thursday. Her sister and one out of town daughter are coming for a visit soon, so it's great timing. I think she's planning to give each a copy of the book.

And I finally came up with an idea for the book for my Mercurial senior (my 1st senior). She loves that first watercolor so much, and it's really the only thing I have to work with, since she's only just completed her 2nd watercolor...and I'm willing to bet that we're gonna go back to it again. Anyhow, as I'm working with her, it's apparent that she's really concerned about perspective. Always asking if something appears to be behind something or in front of something.

So, I'm going to take the image that she completed and loves, and make a popup book for her. It will have all the layers, from foreground to background, and she can see everything in all the 'right places.' I've not made a popup before, so this will be interesting.

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