Thursday, July 24, 2008

The New Normal

The Good Kitty, after 2 days of flee-n-hide, on the 3rd day chose a new tactic—stay-n-fight. After making a few gestures of biting them (although she never bit down so I guess that's more like snapping at them), the 3 of them have settled on a truce of sorts—pet the kitty for a little bit, but not too much.

She (the kitty) might even make a pretty good babysitter. We were all sitting on the deck the other day. One of the kids started going down the stairs, something that we don't allow the kitty to do, and the kitty started growling at the kid! The kid came back up on the deck. After a little while, the kid headed down the stairs again, and once again, the kitty growled! A herding kitty?

Among the various activities we've been enjoying with the kids was a trip to an alpaca farm. Exhibit A:

Now that the nieces have been here for over a week, the herd-of-mustangs-on-a-stampede feels quite normal now.

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