Sunday, July 13, 2008

MiT, 6th senior day 2

How to Make an Abstract Print with the Gocco

When I met with my 6th senior this afternoon, I was prepared (in case she didn't draw or make another collage). I brought an assortment of things that we could throw on the copier—some vine maple seed pods, bubble wrap, seashells, Chinese tea bag, etc. We put everything on the copier and made a copy. Then she put a shell on the copy and made another copy from that. Then we used the gocco screen itself as a cropping tool to select what she liked, and voila, a screen was made!

I thought it was a pretty successful way of making an abstract print using chance. She got pretty tired after one print, so that was it for today. But I think I'll continue to bring things in and get her started this way.

And We Have Another Nest!

Bushtits this time. Right off the deck, although pretty high up on the douglas fir. I wasn't sure that it was a nest at first, it didn't look too sturdy. It hung there pretty loosely (I thought) and just dangled like a loose bag of leaves:

Turns out, that's how bushtits make their nests, with leaves, fuzz, and spider webs. Here's a better picture.

Unlike the abandoned finch nest by my front door, this seems to be a pretty active nest, with a couple of bushtits flying in, out, and about.

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gl. said...

i love the impromptu abstract screen creation!