Thursday, July 03, 2008

MiT, 6th senior meet & greet, 1st senior day 20

OK, I hope this is THE ONE. Keep your fingers crossed. She was a professional artist (printmaker). Pratt Institute. Taught at U of Mississippi. And after a circuitous beginning, where I thought I was going to work with her, got all excited, and then was told that her son didn't think it was a good fit, got really disappointed; then met her son serendipitously, where I got to talk to him about the project and showed him some of my work, and now we're back on!

Her short term memory is definitely not in a good shape, but she still has such an incredible drive to create! I went to her room; she has a studio apartment, and other than her bed, every horizontal surface in her apartment was covered in projects that she's working on, or she's finished.

She had to give up her etching press, of course, so now she's making collages and sculptures with whatever she can get her hands on. Collages with leaves and candy wrappers she picks up. Sculptures with styrofoam packing. One of them had a lightbulb mounted on the inside. She didn't turn it on for me, but I'm guessing that it lights up from the inside and you can see the styrofoam packing glow! I should've asked her to turn it on for me to see.

She was having trouble with her computer. Somehow, she had logged herself out and couldn't figure out how to get back in. She wanted to hear the music and see the beautiful graphics. Well, I was able to turn itunes back on, but since I didn't know what graphics she had up, I couldn't help her with that.

I explained that I didn't know what it was like before, and so couldn't restore it for her. She said, "what it was like before was FUN. And now it's NOT FUN." I thought that was great.

And the afternoon was the watercolor session with my senior #1. I think she's finally decided that 2nd piece is finished. Yay! We've worked on that for, what, 2 months now, probably. We went back to another piece that she started but never finished. We'll see how far we get with that.

Back in my own studio, I've finished the gluing part for my Rock Star senior's book. Tomorrow, I experiment with coloring the Nepal Heavyweight paper for the cover.

The Latest Gocco Rumor

This turned up on the print gocco list tonight:

I just received a letter from RISO stating that the supplies are now limited and not likely to be available after December this year although they are taking orders while they last—and will no longer be manufactured—Anyone else get this information?

If true, it would be very bad indeed!


Sundry said...

Exciting work with 6th senior!

gl. said...

why did the son think it wouldn't be a good match? amazing how much the children of the seniors affect the outcome of the project.

also: the gocco news is really scary! :( what happened to 3-5 years worth of supplies?

fingerstothebone said...

Sundry -- yes, doesn't she sound just amazing!?

gl -- I think when the son first heard that we would be making copies on a b&w copier, he imagined something a lot different. But yes, the kids have so much influence on how the project works know what they say about being nice to your children!