Sunday, July 13, 2008

MiT book, MARTHA is a wrap!

Yippee! Martha is all finished, all 20 copies of it! Here's the lot of them; and you can see the different button on this one.

The wrap-around cover:

The interior; there are 9 printed origami envelopes plus 4 printed pages (not envelopes):

Two of the envelopes:

A detail. All the individual prints inserted in the envelopes were designed, written, and gocco printed by my Rock Star senior, aka senior #2, aka Martha. Everything else is designed, gocco printed or hand tinted, folded, and sewn by me:

And I started mocking up the pop-up book for my senior #1, aka my Mercurial Senior:

These are the scraps from when she asked me to make copies of her 2 watercolors. These didn't quite match the colors of the originals but made fine mock-up materials. I'm actually interlacing elements from both watercolors into a single pop-up here.

I have to say that I'm not finding this rendition particularly exciting, although I'm still crazy about the pop-up idea for her book. I just need to figure out how to make it come alive more.


anjali said...

Gorgeous. I'm at a loss for words. The piece is absolutely brilliant. Well done! Can't wait to see more.

gl. said...

congratulations! it's beautiful, of course, and it sounds like you had great material to work with. i'm really curious to see how the mercurial senior book comes out!

fingerstothebone said...

anjali & gl -- thanks guys! I'm so happy that I at least have one book finished!

Michael5000 said...

w00t!! It looks el fabuloso, fingers! I'm really wowed by how this one came together so quickly in the end. (Probably didn't feel like that to you...)

Once Upon A Notion said...

Fabulous - I love the journal. Are they for sale somewhere? I so need one.

fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- it did actually come together pretty quickly at the end, in terms of ideas. It just took a lot of hours. The burnishing part took much longer than I anticipated (and gave me sore hands and arms too).

once (or notion?) -- thanks! I'm not selling them yet, I want to get all 4 books completed first. I would love to get them into some public or medical libraries so that it's on record how much elderly people with dementia are still capable of accomplishing. And I would also love to have them in private collections as well. So I'll keep you posted!