Saturday, July 05, 2008

Web site revamp, already!

After sewing the extra pockets in my Rock Star senior's books today (and I only made the extra pockets for the copies she'll get, not the copies I'm keeping, since I won't have things to put in there), I reworked the Portland Open Studios web site. Yes, up for 2 weeks and I'm reworking it already.

The long story — there's now a competing event! Just started. The domain name was registered in April, and is registered to someone who lives at the same address as an artist who was rejected this year. So they registered the name after they got the rejection. They only registered it for a year though, so I guess this is just a trial run. The application deadline is the end of July, and the event is the end of September...just 2 months. I don't see how they can put on an event that quickly.

Anyhow, according to their web site, they're really positioning themselves as Not Portland Open Studios, although they'll produce a tour guide and people have to travel around to see the art. One of their catches phrases was not your mother's open studio!

Anyhow, so I revamped the home page a little. There's a bit more information, and I added a Featured Artist, eh, feature. So of course, the first thing the Good Prince asks is if the Featured Artist is dynamically generated. Since I go to the Just In Time School of Javascript Learnin', the answer is no. He thought perhaps it's time. So perhaps I'll be looking into that.

It's waiting for board approval before I upload.

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