Saturday, July 05, 2008

MiT book, the wrap around cover

But first, some garden photos. The daylilies are everywhere in my garden. Here's one of my favorite combinations, red & orange:

When I went out to get a bit of yard work done this morning, the neighbor said, "getting the last of the weeds, huh?"

Huh? The last of the weeds? Hahahahaha. There might be a body in here for all that I know. I'm not going to see the last of these, ever!

Pink and yellow...I'm not sure about that.

This is what you see right now, walking up to the front door:

So I mocked up the wrap around cover for my Rock Star senior's book:

With the book open:

Then I painted a scrap sheet of the Nepal Heavy weight; burnished it after it dried (took a while) and wrapped it around. I liked this much better than the plain natural, particularly since my Rock Star senior loves color.

So here I am, painting 21 sheets of the Nepal Heavy weight. I want the shape to resemble an envelope, but this paper soaks up SO MUCH water that the edges are really fuzzy. I'll have to gocco over the edge to get a nice crisp edge. Anyhow, here I've just outlined the edge:

Here I've painted the whole section first in the berry color, then in the grape:

Then I go over the top again with the berry:

This paper can really soak up liquid alright. I used up 2 cups of acrylic mixed with water to paint 21 sheets of about 7"x9". That's a lot of liquid.

As I was mocking up the wrap around cover today, I saw 2 more opportunities to create extra pockets for people to put things in. So tomorrow, I edge these pockets, burnish the paper; that might be all that I can get to tomorrow. Then I can print the cover on Sunday, and start sewing the cover on Monday!

I received my free copy of 500 Handmade Books in the mail yesterday! And drat, I'll have to look up to see which page I'm on again.

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Michael5000 said...

Page-S! You're on two!