Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things that put a smile on my face

As I was pulling out of the driveway today, I saw this robin in my yard pulling up on weeds, and it had collected quite the beakful. It looked like those paintings of old Chinese men with the long beards and whiskers. That put a big smile on my face.

Only problem was, it was not pulling up weeds that were still attached to the ground; it was merely picking up the weeds that I had already pulled.

In the studio, I made some progress with the book that I've been oh-so-slow to mock up. I finally came up with a good envelope look-alike that will be easy to use and will not be a pain in the butt to cut, print, and fold. And in fact, I'm pretty happy with the solution.

The movie tonight was Leatherheads. I think it was meant to be like those old fashioned romantic comedies like It Happened One Night, or something similar. But it was just...boring.

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