Friday, June 06, 2008

23 Sandy exhibit opening night

And I forgot to take pictures, again. It was a good crowd, but I didn't know many of the people who came. I think most came to see the photography show in the front room, but hey, I was happy to have any spill-over traffic.

At one point, this guy I did recognize walked in, and I thought, "hmmm, he looks familiar...why, it's Ewan McGregor! OMG, Wow! Ewan McGregor is here!" I was star struck & speechless. I held out my hand to shake his, and he leaned into me and said "Harrison."

Oh right, that's why he looks familiar; I know him, and his name is Harrison. I never noticed that he looked just like Ewan McGregor before. And just to prove that I'm not crazy, I pointed this out to a few people later, and yeah, hey, they thought so too.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, for a second there I thought you had Harrison Ford and Ewan McGregor mixed up!