Sunday, June 29, 2008

MiT book, the text blocks

I was going to upload some images of the text blocks (all stacked together but not sewn), but blogger doesn't seem to want my photos. In either case, after taking down the 23 Sandy show tomorrow, I'll be home sewing all afternoon, I hope. It might take a couple of days of sewing.

Abandoned Nest?

After sitting in the nest pretty much full time for a couple of days, mama bird went AWOL today. I saw her in the morning as I came in and out, but didn't see her all afternoon. By 5:30pm, I couldn't stand it any longer and peeked inside the nest and found...NOTHING!

There were no eggs, no bird, no nothing. Just an empty nest. So was this all just a sham? Or maybe the male bird didn't quite live up to his end of the bargain (I never saw him over the last 2 days) so she flew the coop?

I kept on checking throughout the evening, but she never came home.

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