Saturday, June 28, 2008

MiT book, marathon gocco day

Phew! I spent about 6 hours printing today, another hour for clean up, and probably another hour folding the paper so I could print.

So here are some of the pages I printed today. I'm essentially finished with printing my Rock Star senior's book, except for the cover. I won't do the cover until after I have the text blocks all sewn together and her prints inserted, then I can see how thick it's going to be, then I can figure the size, cut, fold, and then print. The end is in sight!

These pages in the next two images are the opening pages, 1 of the closing pages plus colophon, printed on Nepal Heavyweight. I think this may be my new favorite gocco printing paper! Although I think for smaller text, the Rives Lightweight will still be better, but this paper printed the larger type really beautifully. I think it will print images really well too.

This is Nepal Lightweight, and I don't find it quite as lovely for gocco as the Heavyweight. I think it can be really nice for Chine-colle though.

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