Monday, June 23, 2008

MiT book, another change of plans

Back in my original mockup of my Rock Star senior's book , I had planned a hidden print in the spine.

Since then, I've modified the envelope design to eliminate all the clumsy flaps but to still look like an envelope, and that means my envelopes are now at least twice as thick at the spine (four times as thick where two of the folds meet up). So today, when I tried sewing the envelopes to the accordion spine, I ended up with a super thick spine that didn't want to lie down flat.

This is bad.

So. I'm going without the accordion and hidden print in the spine. The envelopes will now be sewn together, each envelope treated like a signature. I might leave the spine exposed, or not, I haven't decided on that yet.

On other fronts, the Portland Open Studios web site went live this morning at 12am. I'm still making small changes as edits come in though.

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