Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MiT book, purple foxglove

My Rock Star senior loves this shade of magenta purple, so with the foxgloves blooming now, I had to do one with the purple foxglove:

And this was from yesterday. I tried stitching the envelope pages to the accordion spine, and it was too thick. So I tried cutting a pattern with the accordion, thinking that if there was less paper there, it might lie flat. This was a simple pattern that I luck.

In the Bug Brains section

Not to be outdone by the Bird Brains, some bug laid a clutch of eggs on our metal front door. Like the babies are going to get a lot to eat when they hatch out there.

The Bird Brains

I didn't see the birds much yesterday, so I thought maybe they had moved on. But nope, this morning, they were coming back to the nest with soft and fuzzy stuff. I guess that's the last stage of the nest building.

The Dead Mouse

Now this is firmly in the One Thing Leads to Another Dept — I had this idea of reorganizing my gocco room by using a couple of old circuit board storage cubes I had scrounged back at IMS (now Credence, soon to be Credence+LTX). Manufacturing was getting rid of these, and I was first on the scene to scavenge. As I was checking them out, the VP walked by and asked me what I was going to do with them. "They'd make fine end tables," I said. He got this funny look on his face.

"You just can't live like a college student anymore now, can you?" I said.

He got an even funnier look on his face and said, "well, I probably can, but my wife won't let me." Ah, the old Blame the Wife trick.

But I digress. Those circuit board storage cubes. They are tall enough that I can use them to store matted prints, and with a board on top, I can put my SP-275 gocco flasher on it. However, they are currently being used to store bubble wrap, butcher paper, etc., and I started to clean them out, and I found these huge clear plastic bags!

The last time I went to the UPS store, I noticed that they accepted used packing peanuts in clear plastic bags. OK, there I was, in the basement, with some huge clear plastic bags and boxes and boxes of packing peanuts just a few feet away.

I started bagging the peanuts. And I bagged peanuts. And I bagged peanuts. And I started to breakdown the now empty cartons. Then I noticed a gray lump of something on the floor, underneath one of the cartons. And it had a tail.

Well, it must've died a long time ago, cause it's all bones and fur now (and lots of poop, it was lying on top of a big pile of poop).

To make a long story not quite as long, the basement is now cleaner, but the gocco room did not get very far. I still have the mouse, of course. It would make a fine companion to the other mouse; I just have to clean it, somehow.

The Random Movie

You Don't Mess with the Zohan. What can I say, I thought it was hilarious. It's the first Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen. None of the others had seemed all that appealing, but for some reason, this one appealed.


Michael5000 said...

College students know how to live! I'm always trying to drag my wife down to that level....

My condolensces to the mouse's friends and survivors.

Anonymous said...

I bet the mouse thought all those packing peanuts make good housing/nursing materials! Now that we are coming, please be sure that no mouse or bugs in the room we are staying. Hopefully, no mouse dead or alive to be seen by two finicky little girls, unless you enjoy hearing them scream. I think I might brought the wrong babies home from the hospital. However, they would enjoy seeing hamster/gerbil or other mouse-like creatures around. Very hard to please, I know.

Don't move the nest till we arrive! Hopefully, there will be chicks to see by then.