Monday, June 16, 2008

Back in business with Photoshop...again

I finally got the upgrade to Photoshop CS3. I would call it a splurge, except that it was quite necessary since Photoshop 7 did not run on Leopard. I coasted on the trial version for a month, but that expired right before I left for San Francisco. So after some delay, I've now ponied up my $199 and am back in business.

With PS up and running, I started laying out the next page for my Rock Star senior's book. She loves scrabble, so naturally, I have to do a scrabble page. And it's a natural opportunity to mix pattern with text. It will be a couple of days before I'm finished with it, probably.

In the mean time, we have pictures from the past few days. This is the LO chronicles piece, The Four Seasons of Nansen Summit, framed up. It's one of the largest pieces I've done; framed, it's definitely the largest. The other ones I framed without a mat.

The Drum Bridge at the Japanese Garden in San Francisco. It's hard to tell in this photo, but you definitely have to hang on to the rails. I can't imagine doing this in a kimono and those wooden platform shoes!

I think the Portland Japanese Garden is quite a bit larger; I don't know for certain, but it definitely feels that way. The SF garden is more varied architecturally where as the Portland garden has more of a Zen focus.

And The Thinker contemplates Chihuly. Boy, one hail storm, and the Chihuly is toast!

And there was a Random Movie last night — Kung Fu Panda. Talking critters? I'm there! It is cute, although not clever on the scale of Ratatouille.

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