Thursday, June 19, 2008

MiT, 1st senior, day 18

What can I say, my first senior was still herself today — very sweet, but bouncing back and forth in terms of what she would like to do with her watercolor. And actually, it seemed quite extreme today, even by her standards. One moment it needs to be darker, and literally 5 seconds later, it needs to be lighter. So we put paint on, then we scrub it off; then we put it on again.

I noticed today that she was not remembering things at all. She would say, "I would like to [do this]." But by the time she loaded the brush up with paint and looked back at the painting, she would have to ask me what she was about to do. (This would be about 3 seconds later.) And it happened many times. This was the first time that she couldn't remember within that short a time frame.

She was so proud of the 1st one she finished that I'm really hoping she'll finish this 2nd one so that the first one doesn't feel like an 'accident' to her, which is how she feels now. But now I'm not so sure that we'll be able to finish it. We got to a point where she thought it looked good, and was looking forward to showing it to her son. Then as we sat and chatted, she suddenly said, "the top of the painting is just annoying me to no end." (Or something very similar; it was a strong definite sentiment.)

The rest of the day was the Portland Open Studios board minutes. Got to get back to finish the web site too, it's gonna go live this Sunday night!

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